High End Marine Band Top of the line

The J.A. Custom Marine Band Top of the line Harmonica has incredible response and tone. It features the most extensive and advanced reed work possible. Every reed responds to the same small air pressure and the tuning lasts much longer than on a stock harmonica. Players will be able to bend overbends up in pitch, regular bends responds to the smallest airpressure possible. Yet still it has an enourmous volume and players will be able to hit it hard without it choking! The cover plates have been meticulously reshaped to improve performance and player comfort.The comb is laser engraved with logo, key and the customers initials.

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Cover Plates

- Opened back

- Reshaped side vents

- Brass details, polished and lacquered

- Conical Thunderbird covers

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Foto 2019-12-24 13 38 02
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Reed work

Click here to read about the Top of the line reed work.


Marine Band Master is fitted with the original Sjoeberg Combs.

Optional Case

The optional artisanal case is made from high quality Swedish vegetable tanned leather with laser engraved logo.


- Double reed plates (for tremendous volume) - 1000:- Swedish Kronor

- Alternative tunings - 50:- / retuned reed

- Different comb colours - FREE

- Leather Case - 350:- Swedish Kronor


The price within the EU is:

4950:- Swedish Kronor Incl. VAT

Non-EU customers avoid VAT and pay:

3960:- Swedish Kronor

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